Trampoline & Kids Park

From Monday To Thursday

1hr 750,000 L.L

2hrs  950,000 L.L

3hrs  1,150,000 L.L

Whole Day  2,000,000 L.L

Extra hour  400,000 L.L

From Friday To Sunday

1hr 850,000 L.L

2hrs 1,0500,000 L.L

3hrs 1,2500,000 L.L

Whole Day 3,000,000 L.L

Extra hour  450,000 L.L

The Fun Square

A playground is a place where kids can play. Typically, they have playthings for kids to use, like slides, swings, and seesaws. A playground can improve your pavement surface and make your kids enjoy the playground more. Usually, they are outside, but occasionally, they are inside a building.